Thursday, April 12, 2018



The sentiment is correct: we do NEED to look out for motorcycles when we’re driving. But if you ride one, before anyone should be looking out for you on the roadway, what are YOU doing to LOOK OUT FOR YOUR OWN INSURANCE PROTECTION in the event someone hits you?

After 30 years or representing motorcyclists in crashes, here is a rule that is as sound as the laws of gravity, Einstein’s E=MC2, and the laws of physics: Car hits motorcyclist =’s motorcyclist loses. Bad injuries and thousands if not hundreds of thousands in medical bills. I’ve seen more of my clients with more surgeries, plates and screws, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, therapy, etc than I care to imagine.

Many of them were negligently plowed by careless drivers with minimal or still low liability limits—say 25 or 50 or $100,000. That coverage is useless if your bills exceed $100,000—which they often do.

So what can you do about it? Simple—take the irresponsible/careless driver who may hit you, and their cheap liability policy—out of the equation. AT A MINIMUM, YOU NEED AT LEAST $250,000 OF UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED COVERAGE ON YOUR BIKE AND $500,000 AND MORE IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT!

This will cover you in the event someone with little or no insurance wipes you out. This coverage is relatively cheap---you may find you can add it for around $200 a year or less!

Look, you’re essentially riding naked with no protection against the laws of physics and 3,000 lb bullets being driven by texting drivers (and we’ve all seen them). So at least cover yourself with some REAL insurance protection if you ride.

I actually wrote a book about the ins and outs of how to buy insurance to protect you (and you’ll NEVER hear any of this stuff from your insurance agent). Call me for a free copy.

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