Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Corporate Lawsuit Abuse: North Face Sues Tiny "South Butt" Clothing Line (I'm Not Making This Up)

Most of us cold climate folks have heard of the North Face Clothing line. Recently a biomedical student started a small clothing line in his spare time that parodied the North Face name. Proving that he had a sense of humor, he named his line "South Butt."

Big conglomerate North Face Clothing? Meet tiny, one man show "South Butt" clothing line. Tiny South Butt, meet North Face's team of lawyers and a lawsuit. North Face is suing the student for copyright infringment and other legal harms.

Experts interviewed in the article predicted that the lawsuit will probably go nowhere. In fact, it's likely to backfire. Not only does this frivolous lawsuit make North Face look petty and paranoid, it will probably result in more "South Butt" sales.

The irony here is that corporate America complains all the time about "frivolous lawsuits" that drive up the cost of goods. This lawsuit shows that corporations often file their own ill founded lawsuits and don't hseitate to hire their legions of lawyers to throw their weight around. So where's The Chamber Of Commerce on this laugher of a lawsuit? Why aren't they rushing in to defend this student like they did when the dry cleaner in Washington D.C. was sued for $54 million by a malcontent customer whose pants were lost (an equally stupid lawsuit)?

I could never pull the trigger on North Face clothes--a little to expensive for my tastes. This is an even better reason not to buy their line. Good luck, South Butt dude. Although apparently opposites do attract, here, in the form of a lawsuit, I hope NF gets some sense and drops this suit.

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