Monday, January 4, 2010

36,000 Reasons Why You Need As Much Uninsured Motorists' Coverage As You Can Afford

36,000 drunk drivers in Ohio. This figure does NOT represent the number of drunk drivers in Ohio in 2009. Here's the real jaw dropper: it represents the number of Ohioans with at least 5 DUI convictions since 1973!!! Recently, the Ohio Legislature passed a law to publish a public database of these drivers, only to realize that less than 1% of these drivers have made the list.

This figure is mind boggling to say the least. It illustrates, sadly, how serious of a societal problem drunk driving is. Now take this issue one step further and ask yourself: how many of these irresponsible people are carrying auto insurance to cover your injuries if you're hit by one of them? I can tell you from over twenty years of experience that the answer is: hardly any. Aren't they required by law to have insurance? Of course, but there are also laws against driving drunk as well and obviously these folks are ignoring it! Sadly, there are also ways around the mandatory insurance laws (like dropping coverage as soon as they purchase it).

The only way you can protect yourself and your family is to buy as much "uninsured motorists' coverage" as you can afford to buy. This coverage protects you if you get hit by a drunk driver that has either no coverage, or not enough to compensate you for your injuries. Our FREE book, "How To Buy Auto Insurance In Ohio," explains what you need to buy and how much you need to protect yourself. And you'd be suprised how cheap it is to really upgrade your policy.

Taking steps now to protect yourself will help you avoid financial disaster if you are on the unfortunate end of this situation. Given the staggering numbers of repeat offenders lurking on our roads, meeting up with a drunk driver in Ohio is more than just a remote possibility...

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