Monday, March 30, 2009

Delay, Deny, And Low Ball Offers--Top 3 Complaints Against Insurance Companies

A recent report issued by The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reveals the obvious: the most common three complaints consumers had against insurance companies were (1) delaying claims; (2) denying claims; and (3) inadequate settlement offers. In other breaking news, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

All kidding aside, these numbers must be put into proper perspective. First, they only involve complaints that were REPORTED to a state's Department Of Insurance (DOI). In other words, somebody had the wherewithall to suspect that the insurance company was treating them unfairly and took the time to report the company to their DOI. So the true incidence of poor treatment is probably vastly underreported.

Secondly, in fairness to the insurance companies, the mere fact that a complaint was reported does not mean that consumers were in fact being treated unfairly. As with any reporting system, some complaints would be legitimate and others would lack merit under any objective criteria.

But I can tell you that the specific top three complaints referenced in the report are not suprising to us. The unholy trinity of delay, denial, and low ball offers made in order to simply "cash out" an injury victim is what makes our phones ring.
And with the advent of dogmatic insurance claims handling procedures based upon computer programs and models that give adjusters little to no discretion in the claims handling process, I don't expect these findings to change any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

I believe part of the reason Travelers Insurance Company does this is so they can sponsor Large Events.Travelers Insurance Co. of St.Paul ,Minn. has Low Balled accident victims who have been maimed and disfigured - Yet!!!! - They have so much disposable income that they can sponsor a huge PGA Golf Event.
How is it that this company that denies legitimate claims ,tries
to pay unfair settlements through Fraud ,Deseption ,Coersion and
possible inside attorneys - Can get away with what they do.
The amount of moneys it cost to "Sposor" this huge golf event must have been astronomical.
How many people are at this event representing Travelers Insurance?
How much are they being paid?
What was the total sponsorship costs - including planning?
Where did the moneys come from?
This company has Profiteered from Fraud!
This "Disposable Income" that this company is "Giving Away" -
Should be being used to pay legitimate claims "FAIRLY"!
Many a victim has been unfairly and wrongfully denied legitimate
claims - With the moneys this company is giving away - they could be paying Fair settlements to these victims who have suffered
WHY!!!!! Can they just give money away???????
Why are they not brought under the microscope for who and what
they really are?
I feel that every victim who watches Golf on T.V. and sees
Travelers announcing their sponsorship of the event - Is further
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What were the Total Costs of Planning this Event ,Costs of the Event and Post costs of this event - then show how much money could have been paid to the True Victims -Who! - Technically have been robbed of their quality of life by this company.
How does a victim feel? when they have been devestated financially ,emotionally and physically - and try to clear their minds of what has been done to them -are home as a result and tune in to watch a Golf Game that is:Finaced and Sponsored by Travelers Insurance Co.
To watch them "GIVE" money and watch all those people who profit and enjoy from this Sponsored Money is causing harm and Emotionally Traumatizing the victims of this company!
What is your opinion on this interesting practice???