Sunday, March 8, 2009

Comments For Cans Update

The power of association is an awesome thing.

Last week we launched our "Comments For Cans" program (see post below) to raise awareness and money for the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank. My wife, a photographer and fellow blogger, was all over this and immediately notified her colleagues on her various photography forums such as "Two Peas In A Bucket" and "The B School." Her fellow "peas" and other photographers responded en masse. Many thanks to all of you, as your passion and compassion shines like the morning sun peeking into the window on a Spring morning (you know, the spot right where our dog will lay and my wife will shoot--I mean photograph--him).

In fact, one photographer, Terra Dawn, took to heart our plea to use this idea and launched her own program called "Comments For Cause" to benefit inner city youth arts programs. Kudos to you, Terra.

The response from some of my attorney colleagues was outstanding as well, thanks to some help from Ben Glass, an outstanding attorney and entrepreneur who understands how to get a message out to the Internet and who has many charitable ideas and programs of his own through his firm. I hope some of his colleagues run with this idea as well.

And many thanks to all who took the time to leave a comment, including some of my fishing brothers and sisters in Canada who visited courtesy of the Ontario Fishing Forum, one of my favorite Internet hangouts. One of the many reasons why Canada rocks!

It just goes to show how connected we are and how The Internet can be a force, if even a small one, for good ideas and doing good. It's encouraging at a time where we could use some good news.

One change to the "Comments" program. Never having done something like this before, I had no idea what to expect. I've come to realize that 500 comments is unrealistic in the short term. Lesson learned: many more people visit a site than leave a comment. So a correction is in order. As soon as we get 100 comments, we'll donate the $500 to the food bank.

After all, it's our contest and we can change any rules we want.


Terra Dawn said...

Thank you so, so much Brian for all of your inspiration with this program!!!! Perhaps one day, everyone will give more than they take and the world's problems will be, if not solved, significantly helped.

Thank you again for the wonderful idea and inspiration!! I'll keep you updated on where we are getting!!!

Denise Caruso said...

Brian - you amaze me in all you do. You are always thinking of EVERYONE else - especially your clients!