Monday, May 5, 2014

Why We Do What We Do....

Over the weekend I received the nicest thank you from the son of an elderly couple I represented. His Mom and Dad were involved in an auto accident, and the son contacted me after doing an Internet search.

 Long story short, Mom was injured, had a fair amount of treatment, and the family had been dealing on their own with the insurance company for months. After getting mixed messages as to the adjuster's intention to settle the claim on fair terms, they called me.

It was a straightforward case and after gathering all the medical records and evaluating the claim with the clients, we were able to successfully resolve the claim with the at fault driver's insurance company.  It wasn't a "big case" as that term goes.

But no matter the case, the real problem accident victims face when dealing with the insurance company on their own is the lack of a frame of reference as to whether what they're being told or offered is fairly accurate of a load of nonsense. They have no measuring stick with which to gauge what they're being told. Most folks who are injured after a crash  are concerned that their bills and other out of pocket losses will be taken care of, and  they are treated fairly by the insurance company with a decent offer. And they don't want any loose ends to crop up after the case is resolved.

These goals are well within reach even in cases not involving serious or catastrophic injury. The son's heartfelt thank you for helping his elderly parents meant much more to me than the fee that was generated.
Thank you's like that make Monday mornings a lot more easy to take.....!

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