Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making Sure Your Boaters Insurance Protects You If You're Injured On The Water

I had to laugh when I read this primer on boat insurance from The Insurance Information Institute. Simply put, they missed the boat.

These so called experts failed to mention the most important coverage you need to carry with your boat insurance: uninsured boater's coverage. As an avid fisherman who spends lots of time on the water, I have observed the following: many boaters have no idea about the "rules of the water" for boating safety. They ignore simple "right of way" rules in place when two boats are approaching each other. Others fly around in high powered crafts and jet skis as if the local lake or river is a free for all. Even worse, some view alcohol as "optional equipment." And when you take a look around on the water, ask yourself: "does it look like that boat would carry liability insurance?"

All this adds up to one thing: you run a risk of getting plowed in your boat by an unsafe or uninsured boater. But there is a simple way to protect yourself. Ask your agent or company about "uninsured boaters coverage." This protects you and your family if you are hit by a boater with little or no liability insurance.

Even better, it's cheap. If your company doesn't offer it, find one that does. And in the meantime, take a boat safety course with your local Power Squadron. Bewteen these two simple steps, you'll be as protected as you can be when you hit the water.

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