Monday, April 19, 2010

Company Launches Special Motorcycle To Help Disabled Riders Get Back Their Freedom/Independence

One of the biggest challenges accident victims face is the loss of their freedom and independence. We all take for granted the simple things in life, particularly the hobbies we enjoy, whether it's swinging a golf club, casting a rod in persuit of our favorite fish, or even bending over to plant flowers or vegetables in our gardens.

It's common for motorcycle accident victims to sustain even more devastating and challenging injuries after a motorcycle accident, for obvious reasons. Many never regain the ability to ride and enjoy the freedom and independence of the open road--an American tradition.

One company, Mobility Conquest, solved this problem with the launch of a really cool product: a motorcycle specially built for disabled or wheelchair dependent persons. According to Mark Allen Roberts, Mobility Conquest president: "We are connecting people who are passionate about riding motorcycles with a product that gets them on the road, feeling the wind in their face again...I have a great job as everyone who rolls their chair up the ramp of our motorcycle you can drive from a wheelchair has this huge grin, its as if a part of them that was removed, has been returned."

How cool is that? Amped up with plenty of horsepower, this cycle can even accomodate a passenger. Congratulations to this company for empowering hopefully thousands of folks who never thought they'd get back the feeling of traveling down a windy country road on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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