Monday, March 22, 2010

Attorneys Calling After An Accident

Some of my colleagues (and some of our clients as well) are reporting an increasing number of "cold calls" by attorneys to car accident victims shortly after an accident. THIS IS ILLEGAL IN OHIO AND IS PROHIBITED BY OUR ETHICS RULES!!!I'm pretty sure it's illegal in many other states as well. Any attorney or firm that phones Ohio car accident victims is subject to discipline for doing so. In fact, any shysters who engage in such illegal contact have already proven their untrustworthiness by breaking our ethical rules when they call you! How's that for a sales pitch: "I'm breaking the law by calling you but you can trust me to handle your Ohio accident claim!"

Here's what you can do if you receive one of these calls: ask for their name when they call and want to set up an appointment. Make a note of the number on your home phone or cell. And then call your local county bar association and report them immediately.

If these crooks are called on the carpet, the word will spread and it just might put a stop to this nonsense. It's hard enough dealing with the aftermath of an accident and all the concerns it brings, such as dealing with adjusters for your car repairs, who is going to pay your medical bills, and what insurance papers you should or should not sign. The last thing accident victims need is a flurry of calls from chiropractors and, now, illegal phone calls from opportunistic ambulance chasers who are breaking the law.

The old adage about "a few bad apples" holds true once again...

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