Friday, August 21, 2009

Focusing On The Positive In This World

Permit an off topic diversion from legal "things." It's easy to fall into a rut. Pressures abound: work and trying to do your best for clients or your employer, raising a family, trying to run a business in one of the worst economic times ever. Nobody is immune to this. And we are at a time in this country when our civility towards one another is at an all time low. We are shouting more and more at each other and nobody seems to listen any more. Negativity, fear, and paranoia seem to be only a remote control or mouse click away.

And then you are hit with a thunderbolt of hope and decency that cleanses all the negativity away like a long, hot shower. My wife introduced me to a fellow photographer's blog that she follows. His name is Zach Arias. He recently posted an incredible video he took of a door to door salesman named Derrick. The video is unbelievely inspirational, and I encourage you to watch it (it gets really interesting after Derrick's standard sales "pitch"):

We can all use a healthy dose of perspective and inspiration as we face the challenges of life. Derrick's message does that, and let's us know that being positive in the face of adversity, no matter where you draw your inspiration from, is the only true antibiotic for what ails us.

One other thing: Zack also set up a virtual product account for Derrick to allow people to assist him. You can visit Zach's website to make a donation. It's people like Zach and Derrick like this that re-affirm my faith in the beauty of the human spirit, and it can't come at a more opportune time in our country. There is beauty and inspiration all around us. Sometimes we find it when we least expect it, by reading an Internet blog post based upon a ramdom meeting of strangers, and a video camera.

A special thanks to my wife for turning me on to this. She inspires me in so many ways...

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