Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Excellent Advice On How To Be Honest About Your Injury Claim

This is a fantastic article by Virginia attorney Ben Glass and required reading on how you should conduct yourself if you are making an injury claim. In short, be honest! Be honest with your attorney, your health care providers, your employer, and anyone else you come in contact with during the life of your claim. If you exaggerate your claim and try to "pad" your losses, it will eventually unravel.

The advice in this article is what I've been preaching to my clients for over twenty years now, as I've written in my book, "Your Ohio Accident...And How To Level Your Playing Field"--only Ben has really nailed it in the above article.

Remember, insurance companies would love to "catch" you in a lie or an exaggeration. It's what they're looking for, and it's what they're good at, and they ought to be--they spend millions each year trying to do just that. By being honest, you take away a major bullet in their arsenal.

Is it really any suprise that honesty is always the best policy? Any second grader is wise enough to know that...

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