Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Insuance Companies Are Right On This Issue......

As you can probably tell by now if you've read any of our previous posts, we believe that insurance companies have way too much influence and power in the courts and legislature, and use this influence to the detriment of Ohioans with legitimate injury claims. However, to be fair, there are some personal injury attorneys who abuse the system. A recent nationwide lawsuit shows that these abusers do so at their peril.

In March of 2008, Allstate Insurance Company filed a massive lawsuit against chiropractic clinics, certain physicians, and attorneys all over the country for allegedly using deception and coercion against accident victims.

According to the lawsuit, here’s how the scheme worked. Accident victims would receive a call and were told that either their insurance company, or the at fault driver’s company, wanted them to be “checked out” at a chiropractic or physician’s clinic. Upon arrival, accident victims were examined and X-rayed, told their injuries were serious or substantial, and were introduced to attorneys, who frequently interviewed the victims at the provider’s office. Obviously, Allstate figured out that when the same attorneys and medical providers were showing up over and over again on accident claims, something was up!

If the allegations in this lawsuit are true, the injured person is merely a pawn in someone else’s money making scheme. If so, Allstate and other insurance companies deserve restitution if some of these claims were actually fraudulent.

We have adamantly refused over the years to enter into any such "relationships" with medical providers. By not being beholden to anybody, we maintain our ability to be objective and exercise independent judgment for every one of our clients’ claims.

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